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How to paint strawberries in watercolour

Follow Margaret Eggleton as she shows how to paint a pot full of strawberry plants in watercolour.

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How to paint a still life with grapefruit and pears

Alan Bickley demonstrates a healthy breakfast still life painting in mixed media using charcoal pencils, acrylic ink, soft pastel, conte chalk and gouache.

How to paint bugs and botany in watercolour

Paul Riley shows how the symbiosis between flowers and the insects that visit them can make marvellous watercolour paintings, as he draws inspiration from Oriental artists.

How to draw a praying mantis

Taken from Tim Pond's book, The Field Guide to Drawing & Sketching Animals, learn how to draw a praying mantis in watercolour.

Learn how to draw

Learn how to draw one line at a time with Claudia Myatt.

How to paint blossom in oils and acrylics

Loosen up your brushstrokes as you paint pink cherry blossom against a bright blue sky with Valérie Pirlot.

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