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How to paint a summer garden in watercolour

Learn how to simplify a garden scene to paint using a variety of watercolour techniques and just four colours with Julie King.

Beside the potting shed, Gunby Hall
Painting garden scenes with Haidee-Jo Summers

Haidee-Jo Summers shows that there's a subject to be found in every garden as she demonstrates an oil painting of a table of pots and plants beside a potting shed.

Cafe Culture Montmartre Brian Smith
A Painter's Guide to Capturing the Essence of Paris on Canvas

Whether you're a seasoned artist or a keen amateur painter, here's your guide to navigating and capturing the timeless beauty of Paris in your artwork.

How to paint a pastel portrait

Timothy Holmes demonstrates a pastel portrait on sanded card

7 Chester canal (7)
Top tips for how to sketch water

Brian Smith shares top advice for how to depict water in your sketchbook.

How to paint a kingfisher in watercolour

Learn how to paint a vibrant kingfisher in a natural setting using wet-in-wet watercolour techniques with Chris Pendleton

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