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January 2020 - Out of Stock

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What's in this Issue?


  • In Conversation - Andrew Halliday explains the influences behind his bold cityscapes
  • Be inspired by Paul Brown's personal experience of working as a professional artist
  • Follow Bob Brandt's strategy for successful entries to open competitions

Practical painting and drawing:

  • Ten approaches to achieve great results in mixed media with Robert Dutton
  • Twelve exercises to improve your watercolours with Paul Talbot-Greaves
  • Robert Brindley shows how to achieve the effects of light on water using pastels
  • How to create attention-grabbing compositions in watercolour with Jake Winkle
  • Penny German shares ideas for creating interesting background textures for still lifes
  • Learn to paint noses with Kathy Barker
  • Barry Herniman uses gouache to paint steam locomotives
  • Soraya French paints sunflowers using mixed media techniques
  • Learn aspects of composition from the Old Masters with Adele Wagstaff
  • Ian Sidaway paints in the Rockies
  • Use charcoal and pastels to paint backlit winter trees with Sandra Orme
  • Jenny Wheatley discusses watercolour papers
  • How to mix colours for winter trees with Julie Collins


  • The Art World
  • Your views
  • Exhibitions
  • Art Books
  • This month's PaintersOnline Editor's Choice Award
  • The Artist guide to open competitions and exhibitions 2020

All this and more in the January issue of The Artist, out on November 29 - click here to purchase your copy.

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