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Summer 2020

On Sale: 19/06/2020

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What's in this Issue?

For you to try this month:


  • Use a variety of different watercolour techniques to paint skies with David Bellamy
  • Julie King shares a photograph of a sunny lane in St Tropez for this month's painting project
  • Use your smallest brushes and a handful of colours as you paint blackbird's eggs with Paul Hopkinson


  • Complete your rose in part two of Elena Parashko's acrylic painting project
  • Paint a colourful Venetian scene from a photograph with Tim Fisher
  • Tony Underhill shows how to take control of what you do and don't include in your paintings
  • Learn to depict trees through the seasons using pastels with Rebecca de Mendonça
  • Tony Hogan begins a series of acrylic demonstrations showing how to capture the effect of light at different times of the day, starting with a scene at dawn
  • Learn to draw animals using coloured pencils with Linda Birch
  • Jackie Garner continues her look at liquid, gel and textural mediums
  • Refresh your paintings at home by learning from Amanda Cooper's methods for sketching abroad
  • Develop an expressive way of working in line & wash with Milly England
  • Anne Kerr commences a new series of beginner's guides with a look at pastel pencils


  • Things to do this month
  • Reviews of the latest practical art books
  • Reader's letters
  • Paintings from the PaintersOnline gallery

All this and more in the Summer issue of Leisure Painter - out on June 12

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