Enjoy top tips for painting and selling art with Studio

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Enjoy top tips for painting and selling art with Studio

Join our Studio membership to enjoy two new videos by Sarah Edmonds and Marilyn Allis

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What is Studio?

Get even more out of Painters Online with our Studio membership! Unlock a range of exclusive benefits that will help you to learn new skills, find inspiration and unleash your creativity...

  • Enjoy unlimited access to our digital magazine library, containing over 6 years' worth (plus the latest issues) of The Artist and Leisure Painter.
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  • Showcase your art to our growing online art community and sell your art commission-free.
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New to the video library this month...

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How to market and sell your work with Sarah Edmonds

Sarah Edmonds

Join Sarah Edmonds for the first video in a two-part series, where you'll learn how to market and sell your work. In this video, Sarah shares advice on pricing your artwork, social media, online sales, websites and galleries.

Tips and techniques for painting animals in watercolour with Marilyn Allis

Watercolour cat by Marilyn Allis

In the first part of a new series, Marilyn Allis paints a cat she met in Cyprus, working quickly with loose wet-in-wet and wet-on-dry brushstrokes.

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