The Borders covered with snow


Wow Yoko......this is so atmospheric. Beautifully described.

I was going to start with "wow!" but Fiona beat me to it. Wow! Beautiful.

Very atmospheric and moody, so much to like about it.

This is superb Yoko and I love the way everything merges.

Lovely skilful sky.

This is absolutely glorious Yoko. Those beautiful darks and highlights ,full of atmosphere . Love it !

Thank you so much for sparing your time to give me such lovely feedback, I am going to say Wow for all the positive comments since I thought its a bit too dark to see during this jolly festive season. I don’t remember how I painted this 2 years ago but as usual made it quickly wet on wet without underdrawing.

I really like this Yoko. Sets the imagination to work.

Wonderful, great atmosphere, Yoko!

Superb Yoko! Sparklingly good!

Beautifully painted - clever!

So you’re not just a wizard with colours Yoko! This is lovely.

Great painting

Love this Yoko.

Thank you so much again for all lovely comments. Hope we have a very wintery winter to inspire us and wish you all painters friends Happy Christmas and New year!

Beautiful! Very different from you Yoko - no colour!

Stunning! It looks like ink.

Hang on Studio Wall


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My first language is Japanese, my 2nd is my art works and my 3rd is English! I am a self-taught kitchen painter, and feel more exited and happy to express myself by painting and enjoy the way others value me through my art works. Painting might be appreciated as art therapy for me since I jumped…

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