Matchstalk Cats and Dogs

Matchstalk Cats and Dogs

This works so well Christine. You really have echoed Lowry's lovely simple style and I think the paints is really well balanced with interest to draw they eye through it. I showed it to John who said he thought it was by good! Praise indeed!

Sorry - that should have read 'very good' - iPad keyboard triumphs over me again!

Never been keen on Lowry but this has a charm all of its own, as Julie says, works really well.

Thank you Julie and Val (and John!). I think you probably have, like me, to be Lancashire born and bred to appreciate Lowry, it really can look as drab and depressing as he painted it!

I love it Christine! I seem to have missed many of your paintings but I'm going through them now. I like Lowry a lot and I think that you have captured his style very well.

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The subject at my Art Group today was "in the style of Lowry"

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