Guess Who - one-liner

Guess Who - one-liner

I think it must be Andy Murray, I saw that expression several times this morning! Very good likeness Christine!

Definitely Andy with that tortured expression he often has! Funny thing about the oneliner portraits, they're not exact and yet we recognise them. I knew who this was straight away. You've just captured his character so well.

Well done Satu and Louise, Andy Murray it is, one angry young man!

Got him in one Christine. Great.

I thought it was a woman..... I mean, chaps don't pull silly faces like that, do they? (Ducks for cover.)

Thank you Sylvia. Robert you'd be wise to duck for cover I'm quite a good shot with a tennis ball!

Sorry, I have been away and out of the loop so missed this one. Definitely our Andy - brilliantly captured, Christine. I still have that challenge, but I have had so much on my plate (fighting a horrible planning application next door - lots of writing, etc) I haven't finished it yet. It is on my easel - almost there. However, don't get too excited - you might think it is a bit boring!

Hang on Studio Wall

Not a very good likeness but the grimace might help!

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