Cluck - no-liner

Cluck - no-liner

But it does look as if they use eye liner - good'un

i'd thought that the one-line thing would help with confidence and you must be so pleased with this. Painting without the restriction of pencil lines results in such lively paintings as you've just proved!

Lovely Christine

I love this, Christine! Very good technically, but never losing your signature quirkiness and fun. It made me smile!

Well done for going straight in with the brush - it worked!

Well done Christine, this made me smile.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments, life seems to be a bit hectic at the moment and the shorter days restrict time for painting but there's usually time to fit in one of these quick paintings or one-liners.

Funny you should say that Christine, I tried a brush one liner with some sunflowers the other day but I warn you it's rubbish! This is far better! ;o)

Superb - the attitude of the bodies is just perfect to convey what is going on. Did you do it without looking - I would have thought that this would be terribly difficult when just using a brush? Anyway, it makes a gorgeous little painting and the freedom and joy in it shines through.

Hang on Studio Wall

I wondered, after all the one-liners, if I would now be able to just go straight in with the brush. It's something I would never have tried before but the fear of failure has been dispelled!

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