Look Out!

Look Out!

You're really producing some excellent work with this technique. I'm not normally a fan of collage ....

I'm going to refer all my art club members on monday night to your page on POL Christine then they will see how collage SHOULD be done :) Super work.

Such lovely colours as well as interesting ideas.

This has worked out so well! The nest must have taken ages to construct using all those little pieces but it is well worth the effort - it is a delightful image. The only thing wrong with it is that is not mine!!

Thank you Glennis, Gudrun, Val, Marjorie and Julie. I do enjoy this form of art although you wouldn't believe the mess I make! I can't look at a magazine or piece of paper now without seeing the many possibilities of what it could become! Val, I am thrilled you think me good enough to be used as an example for your art group and Julie building that nest made me realise just how clever those birds are!

Great Christine, so innovative.

You are a clever gal! Once upon a time I wouldn't have given collage a second glance but I find myself wanting have a go since seeing your super work.

And super it is indeed Christine!

Fantastic work Christine

Thank you so much Carole, Fiona, Satu and Petra for your encouraging comments.

Lovely, lovely work, Christine! Irresistible!

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic painted background with hand painted and found paper collage.

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