Glenwhan Gardens

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Lucky you having the place to yourself Willie! Love the way you have painted the trunks, especially the left one where it has a slight twist. I also like how you have concentrated on the cropped format rather than the whole tree. If you want a name for your tree let me know, Tessa is a friend of mine. I can ask her she should be able to ID it from your painting.

Thanks Fiona (so quick!) but don't go out of your way to find out -I confess to being a wee bit curious though.

How lovely is this on both counts

A lovely painting Willie! Love the way you have painted the trunk of that tree!

Such a lovely painting Willie. The reflection on the still water is super as is the gnarled twisted trunk of the tree. Great work.

Love that tree Willie and the water is like glass. Such an arresting oil painting.

Beautiful vivid colour willie. Looks like a Yew tree.

Nicely painted Willie, excellent colours, love the water.

Lovely light and water - super!

Thanks, Heather and David and Spencer and Carole, Stephen, Anne and John -it might be a kind of exotic Yew. Thanks all.

Lovely, the reflections are well done.

Hi Willie, I have sent an email to Tessa but she must be away…….standard out of office reply……at the moment, it’s their quiet time so it’s possible. I’ll try again later if you like? Fiona

Thanks for that Fiona, your a star but lets just leave it at that. The tree will still be there when I visit next time and I can enquire. -thanks a lot.

I haven’t given up Willie…’s a Eucalyptus tree!

Thanks for your persistence, Fiona I'll have to re-title it accordingly!

Hang on Studio Wall

The specimen tree caught my eye (no name) and we had these lovely gardens all to ourselves just the two us and the honesty box! -a 12"x10 oil

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