I know it's Sunday,so what, it's Monday tomorrow....GET OUT.....

I know it's Sunday,so what,  it's Monday tomorrow....GET OUT.....

Ha Ha excellent Jim...I'd know him anywhere! Brilliantly captured!

I read somewhere that the journey to everywhere, and to every person, in the world, starts just outside your own front door. (A flowery way of saying the world's on your doorstep.) This series of paintings is illustrating that perfectly. But if I opened my door to this fella, I'd probably stay home. Marvelous stuff, Jim.

This has been a really good series of paintings Jim, not commented on all of them but they have all been brilliant, keep them coming 😀

Ditto all that. Brian

I really like this series of paintings Jim, and this one is fabulous. The likeness is quite remarkable!

Aaaahh, Feck. 'Tis Father Jack I tink. Great series, Jim, but this is my favourite to be sure.

Hang on Studio Wall

.....leaves hurriedly.....

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