Saint Patrick was not an Irishshman,,!!!!

Saint Patrick was not an Irishshman,,!!!!

Made me laugh before, and did so again. Marvelously insane caricature, just like the man himself. One of your best, Jim.

Terrific caricature Jim.


I taut he was a Welshman!

Ooh, he looks a bit mad. You got his temperament right.

Posted on Sat 17 Mar 16:54:32

Oh I love this. Brilliant portrait

Feck, drink, captured perfectly.

This is brilliant Jim, I enjoyed seeing it first time and it made me smile again today. St Patrick came from Wales, in fact just a short way from where I live!

Hang on Studio Wall

Father Jack insisted on being re-presented to make his statement, or he'd break my head with a whisky bottle...sorry (-:

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