Are you going to Scarborough Fair..?

Are you going to Scarborough Fair..?

I don't know how you think of so many subjects Jim, a good lively drawing or did you press F6 on the keyboard in Photoshop?. Topical subject on the forum as you know.

Cheers Alan, and no it wasn't F6. I just picked up a pen and a number 6 brush and did it the hard way..(-:

You do realise I will be singing this song for hours now Jim!!! Good work.

I can almost hear the flautist playing the tune, well done Jim

like the song , like the painting - what more could I want. Nice one Jim

Hang on Studio Wall

..says he. "Mind your own business and go toot your flute, says she with a smile". A bit of Friday fun. The sketch is mine, not copied .(-:

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