A la Vincent..


Nice landscape painting Jim , done really well. You stick out Jim and don’t let them have it at any price.

Love that sky

Good one Jim, the Van Gogh influence is plain, with the thick juicy brushmarks.

National Gallery here, Jim: are you SURE? Big money awaits..... OK, I'm a liar. Even so, I like this lively work and spirited brush-marks.

Very Vincent…..I bet the gallery has already made you an offer!

I like your version a lot Jim

I like the fact that you’ve given it your own style Jim, and it’s very pleasing to look at.

Thanks all for the kind comments. Much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall
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A personal sort of impression of an impressionist version of "The Wheatfield" based loosely on that of the maestro. Mixed media palette and elongated style are mine. No, National Gallery, it isn't for sale..(-:

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I've reached 82 years young and love to paint and draw. Watercolours are my preference used also with line and wash. I paint or sketch something most days of whatever takes my fancy. Glad to have found this site. I don't feel I have a set painting style but I tend to go for impressionism rather…

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