Flowers in a glass vase

Flowers in a glass vase

Lovely work, Jim.

Really like this, Jim - has an impressionistic modern look about it.

I like that very much Jim.

The limited palette works really well, Jim.

Excellent, Jim. Love the confident way you've painted the vase.

Very elegant Jim, I love the abstraction of the vase and its reflection.

Simple and effective Jim.

Very eye catching Jim, great imagination you have as Yoda would say!

Lovely work Jim, it has the oriental feel to it 😀👍

So simple but so effective.

Very dramatic and effective painting, Jim - well done for making it onto the top line!

Love your very effective brush marks Jim and the economy of this charming painting.

Many thanks all for the positive comments. Much appreciated as ever.

This is great Jim, simple for you perhaps?

Beautiful in its simplicity, Jim. I see you’re in the top drawer too.

Wasn't intended to come across that way Russell. I meant keeping it simple in subject and content. If you really want to know the content, I did it with just a 3 inch by a half inch piece of credit card, blue,black and white acrylics using both the flat and edges and a couple of pen strokes to achieve it. I love working this way but have several different styles/methods of working. Hope this helps.

Very nice, love the colours.

Posted by Emma P on Fri 08 Mar 18:53:43

Thanks for the explanation Jim, brilliant result I have to say. I hope you don't think I was being glib with m y remark Jim, far from it!

Not at all Russ, far from it. All comments welcome any time.

Really like the impressionistic style of this one Jim.

Thanks Brian, appreciated.

Beautiful dainty painting Jim.

Lovely loose work, Jim.

Just fabulous - love the feel of Spontaneity

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Imagination impressionism simple style. Acrylic on watercolour paper 11 x 8 inches.

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I've reached 81 years young and love to paint and draw. Watercolours are my preference used also with line and wash. I paint or sketch something most days of whatever takes my fancy. Glad to have found this site. I don't feel I have a set painting style but I tend to go for impressionism rather…

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