On the tops.....

On the tops.....

Like this, Jim.

You've managed your snow scene so that it looks a bit wet and slushy...it's just wet down here at the bottom of England. I like the little pool of warm light from the house.

Wow Jim you caught it well. This weather is a real bummer...

Excellent Jim but let’s hope that’s the last of it.

Great snow Jim, I hope that's the last for this year.

You've caught the bleakness and chill of snow very well, Jim. The splash of warm light from the house highlights the cold and miserable weather perfectly. A nimble touch. The harsh reality of snow is a thorny subject to catch, and you've achieved that in spades. Brian

Super painting Jim...

Gosh this is really cold!! Great painting, and I agree with Barry, I hope for all your sakes it's the last of the snow!

I echo Brian’s remarks.....it’s chilling!

Hang on Studio Wall

It snowed fleetingly this morning, then turned to rain. I can still see it on the Rivington hills from where I live. Hope it's had enough, but not confident...

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