Begging indulgence....

Begging indulgence....

Lovely colours Jim, A great maestro indeed

I love colours too Jim, this caught my eye straight away, beautiful.

A good find in your Davy Jones's locker. This pic appeals on several you I'm a member of the bright colours brigade...and musicians are a favorite subject. Nice one, Jim. I don't have a Davy Jones's locker, I have an art storage's under my bed. I might have to find somewhere else, I'm too old and creaky to get down there...I might have to buy a locker.

Yes wonderful colour Jim always a treat.

Love the idea of a Davy Jones Locker, but a couple of old suitcases store mine 😊

Thanks folks for the comments. Davy Jones's Locker is actually a couple of rather large plastic boxes and a small wooden box/chest in the hold of H.M.S Treasure Island ( a single bed) in our back bedroom. The collection sort of grew too big to be downstairs and folders full of my scribblings, sketch books, drawing pads, a hundred paint tubes (most of which I'll never use) a forest of brushes and all the rest of Captain Flint's parafinalia/treasure was banished from below and deported on pain of death to the depths of slumberland where it lies until I sneak visits.. (-:

Great colours Jim and your good tonal work enhances them beautifully.

It looks great Jim! I love the colours.

Hang on Studio Wall

..for re-posting this version of Maestro Segovia I found in one of my Davy Jones's lockers. Gee, I love colour...(-:

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