Cod and chips please....

Cod and chips please....

Great stuff Jim and just the job after a fill of ale

Lovely Jim brings back memories, I've been a vegetarian for 25 years or more.

A fine piece Jim plenty of bits on

Yes please, don't forget the mushy peas!

Lovely work Jim. I was born in my grand dads fish and chip shop, not quite really - upstairs in a flat. He headed a dynasty of F&C shops in the town.

Glad you're all fans of fried cod and chips. All these years and it's still on the favourites food list. Mushy peas, yes, and soup ( pea wet) and scraps were always essential extras .....and our local chippie had a big vat of butter beans always on the simmer.......Oh dear, I want some.....(-:

This is wonderful Jim. It really gets the atmosphere . I can almost smell it. I really like it

Hang on Studio Wall

...with plenty salt and vinegar. Staple northern diet...Sketch on a whim from thinking about the topic....(-:

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