Through my window

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Another interesting painting, you have captured the atmosphere perfectly

That palette is so beautiful

I really love this painting. It makes me, want too be there looking out.

Wonderful soft light and cosiness about this lovely painting Val-Irene.

Really nice, like this one a lot.

Posted by Jim Ross on Wed 28 Oct 23:09:09

This is great view and you have capture it well.

Great light and love the veil like curtains, beautiful!

Love the soft atmosphere and warm colours.

Very nicely painted indeed, a lovely colour palette and softness of approach

This has a wonderful atmospheric feeling - I'm feeling very cosy looking out from the warmth of the room. Nice good.

What a beautiful painting Val-Irene. The light, or lack of it, this side of the window particularly attracts me.

Lovely to get the feed back. Thank you all.

Hang on Studio Wall

I have wanted to paint this view from my kitchen window for a while and eventually tackled it. Rather a large canvas - I do go in at the deep end.

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