Stanage Edge, oil on 20x20" canvas


I like the way you have depicted the rock slabs. It’s a very powerful composition too.

Love this Justin, especially the variation of shapes, which Really catch the eye.

Gorgeously muted. Love the lines as always. Do you tack on the canvas on to something? Sounds interesting.

Thanks for the posts. Hi Gudrun I have so many pictures already, I must have over a 1000 on A3 or bigger, I would have problems storing them if they were all stretched so with canvas I buy a big roll and I cut a piece that will fit stretcher rails I buy and then tape it to my board, that way I can store it flat in a folder when dry and stretch it if it sells or I like where it’s going and want to exhibit it. I find board is great for sketches and doodles but I prefer the tooth of the canvas. I might invest in some ghesso to see if that gives a better surface to boards

Thank you for info. I am in much the same position with quantity of work, although not 1000s!! As you may know I leave a lot of the canvas blank so my worry is that I spoil it by rolling it. Do you put anything on surface to protect before rolling?

I just read you store it flat. Phones are too small to read properly. However, original question is the same.

Hang on Studio Wall
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A quickie one hour sketch, it may be finished it may not be, it may lead to another picture, who knows. As kids we used to dare each other to stand on the balancing rock and jump up and down, amazed its still there after all these years. Enjoying very much the un-stretched canvas cut off a roll, and using any old paint and brushes, Shellsol T ... and lots of blue towel. Thanks for all the lovely comments Ive been getting. I'm not sure I like this new messaging system though. Does it improve if you sign up?

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