Just a bit of fun

Just a bit of fun

Very nice

Done that way, that would make a good design for use on domestic items Tony. Clean, fresh and pleasant.

Lovely doodle. Have you decided what to paint next. I look forward to seeing your next piece

I can recognize your work a mile off, Tony. Always bright fresh and clean. That's what you call a doodle!

"Just a bit of fun" quite often works out best, as in this case Tony. Seems simple but very effective. Less is more so 'they' say. Very well done.

Very effective Tony, this is such a beautiful piece.

Very delicate and beautifully painted 😃

Thank you all so much for your wonderful support and lovely comments. The next painting may be of a couple of harvest mice Diana ,but nothing confirmed at the moment.

Very very nice.

Doodle away Tony, a lovely pen and wash.

Love the design element to this, Tony, and the colours.

Hang on Studio Wall

Flower pen and wash. Just a bit of a doodle really while I decide what to paint next.

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After I retired and moved to Spain I started to take an interest in art . My wife treated me to a surprise two day watercolour class and I was hooked. I learnt most of my techniques from books and trial and error, and there were lots of errors!. Most of my paintings were landscape and the excellent…

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