St Abbs

St Abbs

Beautiful Thea. So colourful and lively...... wonder what it's looking like today?!

A lovely jolly painting Thea, love the bunting!

Ha! we're side by side on this one Thea (subject-matter just slightly different mind you). This is another demostration of the virtues of the "just enough" approach to painting. Any more would have detracted from it. What pen and wash does so well in your hands is to both suggest and dictate. The eye can wander at will, but your subtle pen strokes taking lines for a walk also direct where we concentrate our attention. That's clever.

Thank you very much Avril, Christine and Kim for such generous comments.

love this Thea, lots of things to look at.

Delightful little study Thea, St. Abbs looks to be a lovely little place, where ever it may be.

Another joyful pen and wash, Thea. Particularly like the composition, with the nets etc. in the foreground.

Lovely, lovely watercolour Thea! So much to look at and such a skilful drawing!

Smashing work Thea.

Your pictures are always a delight Thea, fresh and just enough info.

Great pen work Thea and I love the bunting.

This is brill Thea. Its light, fresh, and there are interesting points everywhere. I hope you don't mind me saying but I think this kind of style you have would be successful with children's books as children love to look at a lot of different things in a picture (as well as adults). I am trying to do children's book illustration and will post one up to see what you think - it's a world away from my street scenes but I have a soft spot for it.

Another super watercolour Thea - love the bunting and the lively look to the whole scene.

A bright, summery, happy scene Thea, just what we need to brighten these grey days.

Thank you all very much indeed for such encouraging and kind words. Stephen, St Abbs is in Scotland. Kim, I am not sure I consciously plan a work to make the eye wander about but I do try to place emphasis here and there, so perhaps that does the job for me. The most important thing in anything I do is knowing when to stop and that is something that teases me constantly. There can come a point when you have said enough and deciding on when this point is proves to be the greatest challenge of all. The paintings that I feel have worked are usually the ones where I have stopped in the nick of time. Anyway, I am just so appreciative of all you lovely people taking the time to stop by and add your comments - fair makes my day!

Another wonderfully inspirational piece, Thea! Really lovely work - I love how the nets in the foreground and the colorful automobiles work in tandem to move the viewer's eye into the painting. Superb!

What a joy this is, Thea, I love your technique.

Thank you very much Seok and Mark for such lovely commens and feedback - very much appreciated.

Delightful work Thea of course, those fishing nets in the foreground are a great addition and the lovely jaunty colours help to set the scene as well, leaving plenty of white around the place is always a key to your watercolours and it works so well, love the cottages on the different levels going up the hill as is so often the case with seaside spots like this, you are certainly right about the Harbourmasters 'office' looking more like a garden shed, he clearly doesn't hold much status in St. Abbs!

Missed this first time round and seem to have lost a pic of Plockton. Not quite your usual style Thea but very attractive

Fabulous. One of my favourites.

Thank you very much Ros, Alan and Dawn for your very kind comments. Alan, I deleted the Plockton painting as when I looked at it this morning I could see that the photo I had taken of it was really bad and distorted all the colours. I am going to try again and then will re-post it. I find it frustrating when you work hard on a painting and then can't get a decent image of it. So back to the drawing board.

Hi Thea, been out of thing lately, to engrossed with my new found love, coloured pencils. Have been back through your portfolio, you have certainly been busy. It is alway refreshing looking at your work, need to find a lighter touch myself, but don't seem able to do it.

I see that I'm not the only one who likes this one!

Simply gorgeous Thea!

Hang on Studio Wall

A pen and wash sketch of the Harbour Master's Office in St Abbs. The 'office' looks more like a garden shed to me, but perhaps the local council of St Abbs can't run to anything more exotic. Pen and wash in my sketch book.

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