The Blacksmith's Shop, KeriKeri, New Zealand.

The Blacksmith's Shop, KeriKeri, New Zealand.

And it is typical Thea!!!!! Well done. I love your spontaneous style, stunning!!!!!

Thank you very much, Mia. It was fun to do and I am really enjoying the spontaneity of pen and wash.

As Mia says this is easily recognisable as 'a Thea'. Nice and fresh with clean washes and confident pen work - a winner in the talent show!

Thank you very much, Stephen, for such a generous comment - much appreciated.

Full of life, charm and lack of inhibition (perchance a projection of the artist's personality?) Could anyone ask more of a work of art? Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones Thea, and my thanks for your support and (unswervingly positive!) feedback. P.S. I added an explanatory line to my "I shall return shortly" piece.

So different compared to the previous entries and so Thea! Clean, crisp and lovely!!

A little more of Charles' influence I think in this one Thea than of late, but unmistakably your style as well. Fresh, clean and full of glorious colour. Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year .

30 minutes well spent Thea. Interesting isn't it how pen and wash done quickly so often turns out well. Something to do with following our instincts and not thinking and therefore stressing so much I suppose. Well done, good result, including the cat!

Love your free and loose style on this painting.- very interesting to compare it with the contributions from other artists.

Nice one Thea, simple, clean and with your usual style of freshness.

Yet another take on this scene - works well Thea.

Thank you very much Kim, Satu, Val, Louise, Roger and Peter for the lovely comments. I am definitely learning the value of working more quickly and this does seem to preserve the freshness better. Also, after a long time of doing 'proper' paintings, I am loving pen and wash.

Thank you very much, Michael. It is interesting to see the different variations, isn't it?

Lovely Thea, done in your unique style.

Delightful! Lots to look at and some "mystery". I love the bright colours. Thanks for your encouraging and complimentary comments on my Venice paintings. I try to be loose but have not quite made it yet!

Excellent Thea, the ideal subject for one of your pen and washes and it is delightful, great to see you having a go at this LP project as well, I don't remember you ever doing one of these before but you have made such a lovely job of it, your black cat addition is lovely, I recognised this as one of yours straight away as well, a super painting, very 'Thea'!

Lovely work Thea, I haven't seen the others you refer too so I shall investigate!

It's certainly got your stamp, Thea - beautiful, luminous washes, a big dollop of charm and a large dash of panache! So very delightful!

Oh yes, definitely a Thea! May I say, beautifully penned, I think you've certainly got the hang of pen & wash. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us in 2014!!

Like this -a fun light hearted look to the scene .

Hang on Studio Wall

My take on the LP project. Grabbed 30 mins from the Christmas shopping and preparations and had a go. A bit of artistic licence here and there but as they always say on X Factor 'I wanted to make it my own', lol!

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