Heron Neck Lighthouse, Maine

Heron Neck Lighthouse, Maine

Really like your pen and wash Thea, a great balance of colour work and pen to this piece, a lovely freshness to it, well done!

Yes, very nice work Thea, full of light.

Super light feel to this one, very impressed that you did it in less than an hour!

I think that the secret of a good pen and wash is to work quickly as proved here. Also, isn't is satisfying when they work out so well when little thinking time or planning was spent? The pen work looks relaxed and confident, as if you rather enjoyed doing it. Not overly fussy, just right!

The red and green palette works really well in this one Thea and as always, bright clean washes.....lovely.

Beautiful work Thea! It looks really harmonious and relaxed, lovely colours and very good drawing.

Thank you very much Mark, Stephen, Debs, Louise, Fiona and Satu for all your very nice feedback which I really do value so much. I am enjoying having a go at pen and wash and am also liking that it is more relaxing than when I do my normal work. Going in with the pen without any pencil drawing first can be a bit scary and you have to learn to live with the mistakes - but then I suppose the mistakes could be what gives a painting character?? Well, that's my story anyway and I am sticking to it, lol!

Not using a pencil results in spontaneous pen lines and makes the drawing come alive I think. We're not just slavishly following the pencil lines which have probably been rubbed out a few times, resulting in a stiff pen drawing. Mistakes don't matter that much and aren't usually that noticeable. My thoughts anyway!

It's bold and fresh and works well. Carry on enjoying yourself!

Love the precise rendering of the Lighthouse Thea and the loose washes on the rocks, lovely blue sky as well, it does have a fresh feel to it and it all comes together so well

Hi Thea, full marks for achieving this in just an hour, I know how mine would have turned out, certainly not as good as this. Always love your pallet.

Thea! This is just superb. I love it. Great composition and I think the foreground rocks, plus their colour,is a touch of genius.

A lovely half-hour painting Thea. Love the bloom in the sky, look like natural cloud.

Another good one Thea. Simple is never simple and this is just lovely.

Love this, Thea! Love the gorgeous bright washes and the beautiful lines.

Lovely work Thea - great colours

This is a cracker and in less than an hour too! In the immortal words of that actor my hubby does his best to emulate...." I don't belieeeeeve it" LOL

Thank you so much Louise, Gudrun, Ros, Peter and Avril for your lovely comments. I agree about not using pencil guidelines, Louise, as I have done that in the past and you just don't get the same feeling to the pen drawing afterwards. It is much more free when you just adopt a gung ho attitude and dive straight in with the pen.

Thank you very much Lionel, Carole, Dawn, Seok, Deborah and Val for such great encouragment. Glad you like the rocks, Lionel, as I was wary of doing them but just decided to mirror some of the colours in the rest of the painting and kept my fingers crossed.

Great tidy watercolour.Interesting rocks in the foreground

You seem to like Pen and wash Thea, and you are good at it. Keep them coming.!!

Looks good to me Thea, as does your other pen and wash work. Your watercolour always looks so fresh.

I love all these painting Thea. You are certainly achieving a loose feel and the watercolour is very fresh. Love it.

Thank you very much David, Christopher, and Cherry for such encouraging comments.

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Still exploring pen and wash. I chose a simple scene this time as I actually find them harder than the busy intricate ones (less places to hide I suspect!). I also did this quite quickly for me - in less than an hour. Is that a good thing - I don't know. Watercolour and pen in a Moleskine Sketch Book A3.

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