Crail Harbour

Crail Harbour

Lovely fresh colours in your pen and wash of Crail Harbour Thea, love your details in the cottages and the changing of levels, you are developing a lovely style with these scenes leaving the white areas for extra interest, lovely boats as well

oh I like this one

The three of us are lined up on the gallery! Michael, you and me! Hope we dn't get sent to the back of the class by an MP. This is lovely Thea, so fresh and full of life. I know what you mean about tripping over cats, it's nearly happened on several occasions when our greedy old Tom thinks he'll get some scrapeings!

No wonder you wanted to give this one a go, such a pretty place and haven't you done it justice! Glad your world has stopped spinning!

A very happy and joyful painting Thea! THIS IS A PROPER PAINTING!! So much to look at and to dream about. I'm so glad that you are OK after your fall!

Gosh Thea, boats, cars, figures and buildings.......I think you've more than got a grip of this pen & wash lark! It's bright, breezy and full of life.....and I agree with Satu, it is a PROPER painting!

I love this style of yours; fresh and lively and somehow comforting, or should that be reassuring? I don't know, but whatever the description, it's a lovely, (proper), painting of which you should be very proud. How do you intend to mount and frame it and where will you hang it?

Could pen and wash be your true mètier Thea? Liveliness, spontaneity and acute observation are all ingredients in a successful painting in the medium, and this has bundles of all. Plus that mysterious renaissance-like cubism: a slightly naive two-dimensionality that borders on Cubism - the impression of seeing things simultaneously from different viewpoints. Oh, and that's a compliment! Hope you're feeling better.

Very good indeed Thea. Well observed and I especially like the addition of the cars.

Thank you all so very much. Lovely comments, and very interesting feedback, too. It is funny, but when I first started painting 5 years ago, what I actually wanted to do was pen and wash. However, as time went on and I was working on learning to paint in pure watercolour, I seemed to lose my way over pen and wash and never got around to re-capturing that first free feelings I had about it. I am very drawn to any pen and wash work I see and I think I have been trying to emulate various styles that are not my own. When I came to do the France one and this latest one, I just thought - sod it - I am doing it just how I see it and how my gut feeling says to do it. And you know what - I feel so much happier with it this way. There's a lesson learned, eh? Lionel, I can't frame this one or hang it on the wall as I have done it in my sketch book. I think it might be rather nice to have a sketch book charting my progress, so will leave it in there. Kim, you may well be right that this is my medium - we'll see - the first two might just be flukes and beginner's luck! I must look up Cubism - I've heard of it of course, but know little about it. Yes, Avril, those cats are like Kamikaze pilots sometimes - in for the kill! Cleo is a Burmese cat and has developed a very nifty habit of running up the stairs beside you and then flopping down on the step you are about to put your foot on. How she hasn't killed someone by now, I don't know. She did a good job on me!

P.S. I am going to try and catch up with all the work posted that I have missed while I have been laid up, but it is amazing how many pages have been loaded since last Thursday, so it is going to take me a bit of time. Looking forward to seeing all the new work.

I think Kim has summed it up very well!!! Lovely painting. I hope you are quite recovered now. It takes some time to "repair" from a knock on the head.

Thank you very much Gudrun for your nice comments and good wishes. Perhaps a good knock on the head will do me good! I have heard of people gaining strange powers after a blow to the head - here's hoping it turns me into Picasso, lol!

Full of interest and colour Thea, love the multi-level composition and the wall taking the eye up the painting.

Thea, do hope you are ok after your mishhap. X

You've made me want to try and paint Crail harbour again Thea :) I've tried several times but it is always such a busy scene with all the boats and buildings I always make a mess of it. You, on the otherhand, know exactly what to keep in and miss out of the painting and this is just wonderful. Full of life and colour , a busy scene perfectly portrayed. Hope you're feeling much better and over your accident and I hope the cat was put on short rations as punishment :)

Thank you very much Gudrun, Carole and Val for your lovely comments. Val, I seem to have more success with busy scenes for some reason and find them easier - probably because there is so much going on that the mistakes aren't so glaringly obvious! Cat was given a stern talking to (in a very gentle voice though, lol!)

I love these PROPER paintings you are doing at the moment. They are fresh and unique. I bet any gallery would take them on once you get them framed like a PROPER painting. Glad you're ok though. My dog keeps lying down behind my easel when I paint and I've fallen over her a few times when I step back. Please do more of these I love them.

Oh dear, Thea! I hope you're completely recovered. This is a gorgeous piece, and I think you're doing wonders with this medium - there's so much dynamism, life and movement in the painting that it's such a joy to view. Excellent, excellent work!

Thank you very much Dawn and Seok for your lovely comments. All better now, thank you.

Hang on Studio Wall

I did this last week, just before I managed to trip over my daughter's cat and knock myself out . I have been wanting to photograph it and post it but I had to wait for the world to stop spinning - felt a right twit being carted off to hospital in the blood wagon. Anyway, I had real fun with this one and I'm really enjoying trying to get to grips with this medium. I have to say it is a lot less stressful than doing a 'proper' painting. Pen and wash and done in my Moleskine Sketchbook (don't know what the actual paper is but it is very nice to work on).

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