Hay bales

Hay bales

Lovely sketch, Thalia. Look forward to seeing the painting. By the way, the horses are still at Osterley park.

Super sketch, Thalia. Should make an interesting painting.

Great sketch 😀

Oh Wow, Seth, that's super...about the horses at Osterley...how wonderful...so many memories of carrots and apples to entice them over!!! Thanks for the nice comment, too, thanks also Lewis and Linda, I was frozen and almost blown away, could only manage about 20 mins! I'm now working on it, trying to just use my sketch, interesting, as I'm working straight away, it feels as if I'm painting it plein air!! Really wierd feeling!

Thalia you must be living somewhere other than the UK to be able to sketch, Barley bales or hay bales, I certainly hope we have some of the weather you are having...soon :) Great sketch.

Posted by C Jones on Wed 02 May 13:18:52

Beautiful sketch Thalia, very windy here too.

Great sketch Thalia. I can't believe you were freezing as the other day it was too hot! Do you get very changeable weather?

Great sketch Thalia, look forward to the oil!

Yes, CA Jones, we have lived in Gozo now for 20 years, You definitely don't want our weather...it's cold wet and very windy again today. I'm painting with the lights on!!! It can change from hour to hour as it's a very tiny island, Margaret! Thank you for your comments, CA Jones, Carole, Margaret and Fiona. You're all verry kind

That's interesting, Thalia, as a farmer I was wondering how anyone was combining or cutting for hay as we too in the UK are having atrocious weather, and it is also far too early for such cultivations, here. You live in a beautiful place.

Posted by C Jones on Fri 04 May 07:14:28
Hang on Studio Wall

Too windy this morning for the easel and I'm desperate to paint the big round barley bales before they're taken off the fields. They need sun, too, none today so I sketched what I could and will work from this and a photo and use my imagination for the light.

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