Work in progress 2

Work in progress 2

Wonderful sketch Thalia!

Posted on Sat 28 Apr 07:43:22

Not a lot to do here Thalia..... looking great!

Looking super, Thalia. Can’t wait to see the finished work.

In my opinion you are almost there and tend to agree that keeping the boat on the right as a suggestion rather than in detail will work. It’s a lovely loose painting Thalia.

Good work. You must be painting almost 24/7 at the moment.

Posted by T H on Sat 28 Apr 08:01:52

Works for me Thalia, lovely work. Look forward to the finished product.

Looking good so far 😀

coming on well Thalia the boat on the rt will work where will you place the buoy?that could be key in your composition anyway you don't need advice you will work it out being a talented artist

Lovely loose work but with nice detail in the group od boats as a focal centre. I remember reading some advice by a top artist, if you reach the point where you wonder if you are adding too much, you have already passed that point!

Looking lovely Thalia.

Beautiful painting, Thalia, I look forward to the finished one.

You are just such a great help, I think I tend to agree with you all, and will proceed exceedingly thoughtfully. The buoy is going mid ground to left-ish, the quackers are getting some babies [rather a hall mark of my harbour scenes], and yes, think I'll go easy on the righthand boat, as it seems to pull the eye over too much! No, I'm not quite painting 24x7, just posting paintings finished long ago!!! Thank you for your comments everyone, and for looking at my work.

Thanks Ibolya, Guy, Seth, Barry, Timothy, Jim, Linda, David, Stephen, Rachel and Cesare for looking and all your helpful comments

Its looking great Thalia, look forward to seeing the finished piece.

Thanks Margaret, I am working on it now. Hope to finish it tonight and post it in the morning

Love it, Tania. Many thanks for your lovely comment.

Posted by Olga D. on Tue 14 Aug 14:20:02

Sorry Thalia, I chance your name ;)

Posted by Olga D. on Tue 14 Aug 14:22:08
Hang on Studio Wall

This is one of the three paintings I did plein air last Sunday but it was too hot to carry on. I'm now working from the photo I took, and have got this far. I rather like the composition as it is, but need to put in the square box buoy and paint the ducks in. I'm not at all sure about the boat on the right, which I sketched in on Sunday. I feel the composition may be better weighted on the left, with just a hint of this boat...Help and thoughts gratefully received as always

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