Lobelia Takeover ll

Lobelia Takeover ll

That’s really beautiful, Thalia.

Too complicated for me Thalia, I don't do flowers mind you. Gorgeous work anyway.

Beautiful and vibrant, Thalia.

Gorgeous painting Ibolya.

So fresh love it Thalia.

Sorry Thalia. It's my age you know.

I love the shadows and background colours. You are so creative Thalia.

Posted on Fri 18 May 12:34:50

Thank you, Seth, Alan...I agree, too fussy but i enjoyed te challenge for a change! Thank you Ellen, Sandra, Carole, John, Michael and Ibolya. You're all so kind with your comments. I actually had to resort to gouache in places as I'd lost the thread...it's my age, you know, too, Michael!!!

Gorgeous painting Thalia

Thank you very much, Maureen and Margaret

Again, lovely work!

Lovely saturated colour in the Lobelia, Thalia, actually that rhymes lol.

Impressed Thalia. Vibrant colours and that dark background !

Terrific result Thalia.

Wonderful painting, Thalia, worthy of the top line.

Great piece of observation

Thank you very much for looking and such lovely comments, Rachel, Stephen the Poet!, Richard, Fiona and Cesare, you're all so very kind.

This is lovely Thalia!

Hang on Studio Wall

This was started outside but the sun moves so fast I had to finish from photos as it was so complicated. Having lunch in the courtyard I had noticed the deep shadows and the gorgeous shapes made by the lobelia on the floor. Just had to paint it!

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