Hi Thalia, like this portrait. If working from a photo then I think you have to get your measurements right (you can scale up or down). It does seem that the left eye is not quite in the right position nor the iris and also that side of the face is disproportionately larger but without seeing the original it's hard to say. I would tend to bite the bullet, re -measure and then paint over this area and re-do. Have had to do this many times and have found it the only way!

Beautiful Thalia vivid colours

Great colour Thalia - a lively portrait.

Love the hair! The space between the eyes is normally the width of one eye, so you are probably correct that it is too wide. Usually the iris is directly above the corner of the mouth too.

It really is a lovely portrait Thalia, the colours are great. Heather and Linda have confirmed your doubts regarding the space between the eyes. I think the philtrum isn't quite in the centre of the mouth / nose. I guess the only solution is to just correct it or it will annoy and irritate you forever!

Good portrait Thalia, just a minor adjustment to the inner eyes, but what do I know!

Looks good - agree with Carole.

Thank you all so very much... yes you're absolutely right, Heather, Linda, and Russell, I will have to bite the bullet and adjust it! Huge thank you for all your comments and suggestions. Thank you, Dennis, Shaun, Carole and Maureen, I very much appreciate your help and advice.

Its a beautiful portrait Thalia with wonderful use of colour . With some adjustments on that eye, It will be even the way you've painted the hair.

Key thing for me, his character shines through big time.... I imagine they are delighted with it!

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Very pleased to get a commission in these difficult times. This is for a neighbour , his grandson George, aged 5, unfortunately I only had a photograph to work from, and it shows! Not altogether happy with it, would welcome constructive comments, I feel the space between his eyes is too much, but not sure how to correct it...

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