Thalia, I think the use of just two colours ( plus white) has really enhanced the painting. That particular red is beautiful anyway, it gives the whole painting a lovely glow. She looks a lovely dog, I bet you painted her with a smile on your face!

She's lovely! I agree with Marjorie, the colours are gorgeous.

I like it; she has a very interesting expression; good strong background enhances the painting; experiment with different colour background and see what creates the best impact. A beautiful dog. 😄

Looks really good on such a limited pallette 😀

Great work Thalia. Your limited palette created the right effects.

Aww Thalia she is gorgeous, I bet she's not spoilt!!!! Your painting is really lovely, I like the red background, as Marjorie said it makes the painting glow.

Unusual for you Thalia, but excellent nevertheless.

Great expression...interesting colour combination...she’s great.

Sunny has a very distinguished expression on her face, she sits admirably and her ears are gorgeous, the limited palette reflects her body frame well! The bold red in the background looks great against her white coat.

Lovely one Thalia and I like her expression too.

Indeed I did paint her with a smile on my face, Marjorie, and thank you for the very kind comment, I love these two colours, they're probably my favourites after Raw Sienna, thanks Margaret, Brenda, Linda, Carole, Margaret, [she has us curled around that front paw!], Thanks, Jim, yes, i don't really do pets unless I'm really in that mood! Thanks Sylvia, Angela and Dorothy. Angela I think English hound and definitely Beagle must be in their breeding. The Tal Cacca has now been accepted as a recognised breed by the Kennel club, I believe. They are prized if their ears meet under their chins...Sunny's meet around her long nose!!! She is intelligent beyond belief and spoiled rotten!

She's great, Thalia - interesting palette - works well.

Well captured! She's beautiful

A lovely expressive piece, Thalia. You've captured a lot of character in the face.

Thank you very much Maureen, Rachel and Seok, very kind of you!

A lovely portrait of Sunny.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is the sunniest girl in our world...not that she's spoilt or anything!!! I had been doing loads of life drawings of her, and then took loads of photos. This is the result of this Sunday morning's painting. I'm pleased with it but would much appreciate comments, as I don't normally do pet portraits. She's a Tal Cacca ie the iconic Maltese hunting dog/pointer cross. A blind rescue dog, she's everybody's favourite...except the two bulldogs next door! I used only Translucent red earth and French Ultramarine with a little Titanium White. Comments and help please!

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