Exhibition piece

Exhibition piece

Love the greens, Thalia. Beautiful scene, beautifully captured. I’m sure your exhibition will be a stunning success. Let us all know how it went.

Beautiful, Thalia, yes do please let us know how it goes. I too wish I could come and share a glass with you!

Lovely light filled piece Thalia. I will try to remember to raise a glass to you tomorrow (any excuse and imagine I'm there. Tryst all goes well and plenty of red dots appear.

Great sense of distance in this, Thalia. I wish you good luck with your exhibition.

It’s beautiful, Thalia, I wish I could come and see them all. Best wishes for the exhibition.

I would give almost anything to be there Thalia, however, good luck and I'm certain that it will be a huge success.

AAAHHH...you're making the tears come!!! I'm an old fool!!! Of course I will let you know how it goes...but, so many artists here now, and people holding on to their money!!! I'm a twit, been awake all night, almost and brain not engaged! Opening night Friday, not tomorrow!!! Sorry! Thank you, Seth, Sandra, Stephen, Lewis, Mike, Ellen, Alan and Gudrun. Yes please do raise a glass with us all, remember we're an hour in front, so for you twill be 17.30. If I had the money I'd bring you all over!!!

A beautiful painting Thalia, hope your exhibition goes well for you, here's wishing you all the best, not with a glass of wine, it's too early in the day lol but with a cup of coffee 🍷🍷🍷

Thalia, this is a super painting - love your marks and colours - I wish you all the best with your exhibition. You should do well.

Marvellous painting, Thalia, and here's wishing you every success with your exhibition. I'm excited for you, so goodness only knows how you and your family must feel. Did you say plonk!?That'll get 'em in. *smile* Best of luck Brian

I really wish I could be there Thalia, bet it's a wonderful display of art. This is fabulous.

Wonderful piece, Thalia, It will stand proud with the others. Congratulations in advance.

Lovely contrast between light and darks Thalia and those greens really zing. Good luck with the exhibition.

Thank you all so very much, Linda, Maureen, Brian, that's so sweet of you! Carole, Willie and Val! I'll join you all in thoughts I'm so excited I can't think straight...and no it's not wine, which i don't drink anyway!!! With all the luck and thoughts you're sending I'm sure it'll be fine on the night!!!

Wish you the best with the exhibition Thalia. Beautiful colouring in this piece.

Incredibly beautiful Thalia. Best wishes for your exhibition.

Great sense of distance. Good luck - I would love to see your exhibition, Thalia.

Love the style of this and your use of colour Thalia. Those trees are just great. Terrific luck with your solo exhibition - how wonderful! X

Wonderful painting, Thalia, great light and depth, and wonderful colours.

Thank you so very much, John, Carole, Dawn, Tessa, and Cesare, wish you were here!!! Feeling a bit neervous....no make that HUGELY nervous!!! My son has posted a short video on my Facebook Artist page if you can find it, It's a very beautiful old Hall in the Cittadella. I'm very fortunate to be able to hold an exhibition in such a grand place!!!

Love it, Thalia. What hard work it is to hang exhibitions. Well done you.

Thank you Shirley, I was exhausted!!!

Hang on Studio Wall

Apologies as this has already been on POL. This is the main piece of my one woman exhibition in Hall 5 of the Cittadella. I had tremendous help from my husband my son and a very dear friend whilst placing and hanging 40 oils and watercolours ready for the opening night, tomorrow evening. Wish all my POL friends could come and share a glass of plonk with us!!!

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