Smaps n Sails

Smaps n Sails

All fantastic clear vivid colors and airy movements lift up my mind and glowing for my eyes! We all must deserve it’s!

Excellent sense of depth and a feeling of wind in the sails.

I can feel the wind blowing in my hair on that edge. Love the startling blues and the lilac flowers in the foreground Thalia.

Thank you for such kind comments, Yoko, Stephen and Carole, really appreciated!

I love the vibrancy Thalia. Several lovely paintings since I was last able to check in (I'm out at sea at present), like them all. Thrilled to see one in the top line-up on the homepage.

Hang on Studio Wall

Painted plein air on our narrow balcony in bright sunlight, to which my old eyes refused to adjust, it's a wonder how I got this done!! Between the wind blowing red Sahara dust at it [strong SSE wind this weekend] the too bright sun and a blind dog chasing gheckoes, her favourite pastime, but it was a great afternoon! The snapdragons behind the wall are amazing at the moment. Just begging to be painted against the blue sea!

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