Kirsty 3

Kirsty 3

Difficult views, well done Thalia

I particularly like the watercolour Thalia. Good foreshortening and great colours. Successfully 3 dimensional. I hate doing these types of poses - well done!

Thank you Carole and Margaret! It's Hobson's Choice at the class so I choose a different seat in the room each week!

I like the figure on the right side, Thalia.

Thank you Cesare and Dennis, you're very kind. Yes, agreed Cesare, but the one on the left was SO much harder, I was more pleased that one even vaguely looked human!!! lol!

Really good life drawings here Thalia. I've always thought that real life drawing is so important in helping us to create, construct and paint all subjects. You just can't beat it as a learning technique. It's well worth doing!

Hang on Studio Wall

Two more poses from life drawing this week, slightly longer poses.

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