Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Well done Thalia. It is not an easy thing to do a self portrait. All the lines and creases seem bigger as I well know.

Indeed they do Stuart! Very scary! lol!

It's a great self portrait Thalia, you've done a grand job!

Beautiful self portrait, Thalia.

It says 30 minute study on the bottom of the picture...marvelously assured work, and great use of colour.

A great portrait Thalia, very natural my favourite type of portrait.

Thank you very much Stuart Margaret Cesare Gudrun Lewis Carole and John. It took a lot of courage to paint it and furious I think ! Before even more wrinkles appeared!

I like this. Do more! It's great fun and you can paint!!

Lovely watercolour portrait Thalia, well done.

Beautifully done! Like it, :)

Well after all this talk of wrinkles i for one think that judging by your self portrait you are an attractive lady and judging by all the lovely comments youve left me you are a sweet lady too .

Really good portrait. Lovely soft colours in the skin tones. I did one in black and white but mine looked harsh and staring out with the concentration.

Hang on Studio Wall

I painted this looking in the mirror...not a pleasant thing to do at my great age! Very quick self portrait in watercolour using what I call my magic brush...a big swordliner from Rosemary...!!

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