Indian Market Workshop

Indian Market Workshop

Such a spontaneous approach and rich colours are what makes your work so recognisable. Seeing this makes me want to visit India.

Posted on Sat 31 Mar 08:06:27

I recognise your beautiful paintings of mmediatly, Thalia.

Beautiful scene with bold colours, Thalia.

This is a really interesting piece Thalia, bold and strong colours work so well.

Lovely painting great figures Thalia

I like this Thalia, great warm colour.

Lovely use of rich colour here Thalia, can almost smell the spices!

Not without me you don't, Ibolya!!! Thank you for such a lovely comment!!! Thank you Seth, you're very sweet, thank you Cesare, Alan, Dennis, Carole and Uh Oh!!! Why didn't I think of that Stephen, instead of the flowers! Thank you all so much. I have worked into this a little this morning, adding a few more figures taking out the dark meaningless blob below the bloke on the right, and defining the flowers a tad, will repost the new version in the morning.

Thank you Gudrun

Full of colour and life, Thalia.

Very colourful and warm Thalia.

That's so good Thalia, I do like the colours in your paintings.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is yesterday's workshop picture. One of my students went on a longish holiday to India, so obviously wanted to paint from one of her numerous photos. This is my as yet untouched example. There were some rather out of place tourists in the original photo, which I have changed into more typical Indian ladies and gentlemen! My students did really well, as we try to complete a painting 16x12 ins in under 4 hours at each workshop.

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