Dawn Dippers

Dawn Dippers

I like this, Thalia. The colors definitely give it a mood. I can't quite pin it down, but I'm all for a little mystery in paintings. If I'm wondering 'what's going on', that's good.

They have that slightly tensed look of people easing themselves into the sea carefully! Nice atmosphere Thalia.

I like the feel of the swimmers gingerly entering the sea. Really atmospheric, Thalia.

This is very appealing Thalia and I love the way you have painted the figures. I wondered if the tones of the water were warmed up it might look more inviting for the swimmers. Of course I realise you may have wanted to have a chilly air about it as it is dawn. Just a thought.

It’s a beauty Thalia I would leave as is except for one or two dashes of very light colour around the figures , that’s just me I cannot resist doing so when it comes to water please feel free to totally ignore as it’s a lovely painting anyway

I love the colours Thalia, fabulous p[ainting

The figures are great and I like the atmosphere, Thalia

Doesn't even need a title Thalia. Speaks for itself and the painting and colours are yours alone. Leave well alone for me.

Very nice, very different and love the colour

Fine as it is Thalia. It reminds me of the atmosphere at those Icelandic hot springs where people bathe.

Great work Thalia 😀👍

That's such a helpful comment, Lewis! Thank you! Absolutely spot on, Tessa! the guy nearest the viewer was terrified! I was about to scuba dive, and held his hand to help him overcome his fear! Thank you, Ellen, Yes, Carole that was exactly what I aimed for, the other one I painted had a warmish blue tone. Ah yes, Dermot, they do in fact have a lighter colour around them, it's not showing up on the photo, so I agree with your comment...maybe I should make it a little more defined. Thanks Russell and Maureen, Thanks Jim very kind of you, Thanks Heather,and Michael...definitely NOT hot springs...I was in a 5ml wet suit!!! But yes i know what you mean!!

Thank you Linda, A kind comment. I really appreciate you all for looking and making such useful comments

I love the sense of distance or forward from dippers you beautifully arranged and painted, the position of the handrail interestingly works well. I feel the philosophical message for our life. Challenge! Push ourselves into the cold water to go ahead....

Thank you Yoko...indeed it definitely has a philosophical element to it

Great composition, you are being lead into the scene. I really like the colours and the rhythm of the swimmers. Great painting.

Wonderful colours, Thalia.

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I have painted a similar scene which I posted on here before. Apologies for boring you, but this one has a very different sea and sky, and thus a different mood. I'm wondering whether I need to calm the colours in the sea. Painted very quickly, it fell off the brush and knife, even the figures seemed to paint themselves! Comments and advice sought and appreciated.

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