Walking The Dog

Walking The Dog

Such a fresh free feeling to your painting. Very impressive.

Lively and colourful as ever, Thalia. 'Wied?' What an unfortunate name for a stream.

This composition takes the eye all aroundo and what a difference the touches of red make.

This is lovely Thalia. Reminds me a little of Cezanne's paintings.

Super work Thalia, great depth to it.

Lovely little painting Thalia - very different from your usual.

I nearly said the same as Carole - Cezanne, especially the near tree.

This looks lovely Thalia, I like the little touches of red which seem to make the painting pop.

Nice one Thalia. It has such a warm tranquil feel about it.

Accomplished work

Lovely Plein Air painting Thalia, the trees and greenery looks so fresh and the people dressed in red walking the dog draw the eye into the entire vista! It's amazing how just red can lead the eye into the other colours, a really engaging scene and composition!

Crumbs! Cezanne! What a very kind comment, Carole and Marjorie... and yes, I agree but in no way was it a conscious try! Just goes to show how much our subconscious takes over when we paint! Thank you all so very much you have cheered me up no end as I'm not painting much at the moment because of being occupied in the Market! Thank you Stephen, Lewis[indeed ...most inappropriate translated into English!!!]. Glad you said that, Marjorie, as they weren't there in reality, and I nearly didn't put them in! Thanks Sandra, Carole K, Dennis, Alan, Gudrun, Margaret and Marjorie, much appreciate your kind comments!

A huge thank you, Margaret, Louise, Helen, Angela and Carole S. I'm not doing much at the markets and your kind comments really help! I'm so pleased I thought of putting those touches of red in, as you all say, they make the painting come alive! Thank you everyone!

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A small plein air on canvas, I have adjusted with a little extra paint, especially in the sky. This is where we walk our dog sometimes, more interesting in the winter to paint as there is water in the Wied (stream)

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