Villa Rundle Sun

Villa Rundle Sun

That's just super, Thalia. I liked your figures sketches too. I don't think it 'needs' anything. I always like to see figures in a landscape...but that's just my personal preference.

I like the shape of this Thalia and the bold colours. I don’t think it desperately needs people but they would provide a focal point, somewhere for the eye to rest?

Warm and cool together looks good as it is Thalia.

Truly beautiful with fantastic colours Thalia. The only thing that you would probably do is to darken the tree trunks on the left. The light hits them hard so the shade side is darker. That would also balance the painting.

Fabulous colour Thalia - I really like this painting.

Well that's entirely your decision ... do what feels right. For myself, and I have been criticized for this, I don't like figures in paintings and hardly ever include them. You run the risk of being accused of aridity, or just not liking people, if you don't, but I paint to suit me, not other people. I think I've reacted against the Victorian habit of painting narrative pictures, always including human figures as if we were the centre of the universe. So I'd include a figure or two if it helped the composition, or as points of scale - but I don't think this painting needs them.

I think this works very well Thallia. I often put a figure or two in my landscapes but I think that the building peeking through the trees acts as a focal point here

I think this looks great as it is!

I think it's fabulous as it is Thalia

No keep away from adding figures - it's joy lies in its structural forms and simplicity and the addition of figures would detract (and possibly err towards the twee ?) Great work Thalia.

A huge THANK YOU everyone, as a consensus of opinions, yours and ours here at home on the Little Rock, I'll leave out the figures, it's a tiny picture, 8x20ins, and I think it says enough as it is. I so agree with you, Robert, about us as the centre of the universe!!! Ok, yes, Satu, I might darken them...that was how they were, plein air, though! Thanks Lewis, Tessa, Carole, Satu, Shaun, Robert, Stephen, Margaret, Russell, and Michael... I would hate it to become twee, Indeed I would! Definitely not a twee person! LOL Thank you all for such helpful remarks.

A late "penneth" - no figures needed, beautiful colours, and I agree with Satu, it just needs a little balancing, the right side is dominating a bit.

Oh yes, please, Michael, I'd love to see your picture of JA's house. Looking forward to seeing it tomorrow!

Please continue to paint as your artistic instincts motivate you - great painting comes from the sub conscious - I love those moments when things happen without planning - I see that in your work Thalia.

I like this very much Thalia, especially your vibrant colours. Looks like the advice is to steer clear of figures, as you do have the building for a focal point.

Beautiful painting and colours, Thalia. It doesn't need anything else.

Thank you so very much, Shaun, a really kind thing to say, yes Satu and Marjory, I'm thinking about that...but don't want to lose the plein air-ish feel! Thank you Sandra and Cesare for your helpful comments, too. I'm working on it!!!

Wonderful colours and love the immediacy Thalia, I can almost feel tha warmth being generated from the scene, Love it!

Hang on Studio Wall

This is another painting I am revisiting! It took two plein air sessions at the beginning of its life! Does it need a figure or two? Help gratefully received!

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