Those Washday Blues

Those Washday Blues

Lovely rich colours Thalia and I love your washing! The doorways do look a little drunken but maybe they are like that?!

Really quirky and fun, it's full of colour and energy

As Tessa says, we don't know what the doorways are supposed to look like,Thalia, so why judge? The whole scene is interesting, crowded and full of colour and the title puts focus on the washing not the buildings. It's fine for me.

It's jam packed with colour and atmosphere Thalia.

A little wonky maybe, but heh, it all adds up to the charm of your painting, colours are beautiful as always😉

You have made a splendid job of correcting the painting Thalia. It's a bit like painting buildings in Venice as they all lean precariously away from the canal. You certainly take on a challenge and so what if the painting lacks perspective, colour style and acute observation make up for such discrepancies.

Lovely painting bright and colourful Thalia

Beautiful washday, Thalia.

Thank you everyone for your especially kind and helpful comments...I had great fun correcting it...well as you all say ...not completely! Maybe I should do more wonky ones, and yes, the architecture here is definitely strange at times!!! Thanks for looking Tessa, Rachel, Jim, Marjorie, Linda, Carole, Dennis, and Cesare, much appreciate your help!

Beautiful colours Thalia, and old buildings can look a bit "drunken".

Wonderful atmosphere and colours Thalia, full of life!

Great atmosphere and colour!

Hang on Studio Wall

Trying out different techniques...this went very wrong at bottom right...a difficult perspective and the photo distorted the doorways ...well that's my excuse! Had to resort to gouache and glazes in the hope that I've corrected it. Comments appreciated !!!

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