Grotto Friends

Grotto Friends

Two good posts, Thalia. These small paintings are really working for you. I prefer this one, with those glorious boats.

Love your little boat series, Thalia. The colours are super,

Two lovely paintings Thalia. How's your exhibition going?

The colours make these small paintings, Thalia. My eye is immediately aware of them on the page/screen. Super! Brian

Really , really good

Lovely boat series Thalia.

These small studies are great Thalia, keep them coming.

Lovely boat work Thalia. Another little gem.

Those boats are so attractive aren't they? Makes a nice picture.

Thank you for asking Carole, exhibition going well on the whole, very windy up's so high up! People are blown in...literally!!! Thank you, Lewis, Seth, Carole, Brian, Satu, Sandra, Tom, Barry, Jim, and Stephen. You have all written such kind encouraging things about my boats...they really are the colours that I've used, true to life, but they're disapearing from our harbours as no one wants the trouble of painting them each year.

Thank you so much John

Lovely rich watercolour, very well painted

Deservedly making the top line Thalia. None more so. Nice work.

Lovely reflections and super colour!

Hang on Studio Wall

Love doing these tiny boats even though they're so fiddly...but it keeps me out of mischief in the Cittadella!! No room to do anything bigger!

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