Busy In Mgarr

Busy In Mgarr

Dry good this Thalia, good recession. Hope all going well :)

We all do it Thalia, you have managed it well. Maybe greying the distant building to push them into the distance might help.

Looks good to me. Lovely colours.

Don't be too hard on yourself Thalia, I think you have the making of a very nice style. I agree with Barry that muting the background colour will help. (Foreground, middleground, background) ps Every painting is in effect a work in progress!...

Thank you, everyone...should have asked advice before as this is now framed in the exhibition.I agree that a wash to mute the back would improve it, but I'd already sponged it almost away and not sure the paper would take more work!!! Thanks, Carole, all ok, but SO hot and no buyers!!! Thanks Barry, Agreed! Thanks Seth, how's the cricket? Indeed that's so true, Peter, Paintings are never finished, just abandoned!!

Hope the buyers turn up soon, as they will miss a great opportunity to buy some great artwork Thalia.

Thank you Carole...apparently it's normal in the Cittadella on a Sunday , people expect everything to be closed!!! Your good wishes are very much appreciated, everyone!

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I often wonder what's wrong with my brain!!! Must be the heat! I was attracted by the bright green slime of the weed and the contrast of the messy darks of the trailers. Far too busy for a tiny 5x7ins piece of paper!!! Had to edit it a lot! Still very busy!

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