Acorns and Conkers.


Lovely shine on these, Tessa.

Beautifully painted Tessa.

Great choice of green with those browns Tessa. The shape of that shiny conker at the top is perfect. Yes, memories of sore hands!

You have conquered Tessa! A corny joke but they look really good. Excellent colours on the conkers.

Love the sheen on these Tessa.

Many thanks Katy, Margaret, Marjorie (yes sore hands especially knuckles!) , Michael, Carole and Jacqueline. Good fun and memories!

Really good. Love the shapes, colours and the shine!

The colours are perfect. Very nice.

Ah conkers such great memories of the playground. have the colours dead right.

Very good Tessa!

Beautifully painted. Tessa.

Thanks so much Diane, Denise, Hilary, Lewis, Heather and Jenny. It’s so lovely when people take the time to look and comment. Thank you.

I really love the simplicity of this painting, very successful

Superb Tessa, is there anything more nostalgic than conkers?

Gosh, the lengths we went to to get the hardest conkers in days gone by. Soaking them in your mums pickling vinegar, then sticking them in the airing cupboard to dry out! Lol. Not to mention the bruises! You’ve done a lovely job getting the shiny surface on the conkers Tessa, a smashing find and painting.

Wow, thank you all for your lovely comments! This has obviously touched on a very pleasant memory of childhood. It reminds me of how such simple items can bring happiness.

I feel like picking them up and rolling them around in my hand. Lovely warm colour choice.

Thank you Anna, lovely thought!

Hang on Studio Wall

A small pen and wash from windfalls picked up on a walk earlier today when the rain stopped for a while! Reminders of collecting these as a child.

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