What’s Inside?

What’s Inside?

Great effect Tessa. I wonder too.

Yes gouache does have that advantage over oils, It can be a headache transporting wet boards. Lovely painting anyway Tessa, I like the variety of colour shapes and so on.

Thank you both Michael and Alan. I’m not that comfortable with gouache but thought it worth a go at least occasionally!

Interesting painting Tessa I actually prefer your sketch. I find the same with my own work . The original is often better than the finished piece.

Love the unknown factor and the shapes of the rocks Tessa. Great colours also.

Appreciate both the sketch and the painting Tessa, with a leaning towards the sketch for preference. Good work.

Beautiful painting Tessa, the water is superbly depicted.

Many thanks Sylvia, Carole, Jim and Cesare. Interesting how some are leaning towards the sketch rather than the painting. Thanks Cesare, glad you realised it is water!

This reminds me of some of the silver mine cave entrances along the North Devon coast, there’s one at Combe Martin that you can walk out to at low tide. Lovely painting, I like those rock colours.

Sounds lovely Ellen! Thank you for your kind comments.

Great result from the sketch Tessa.....I too lean towards the sketch as a favourite.

Thanks Fiona. I’m thinking maybe the gouache can go back in the drawer!

A lovely, varied gallery Tessa. I like this one particularly - I'm tempted to give gouache a go!

Thank you Terry. Go on, give it a go! I can’t say this was very good but it’s quite user friendly to paint with.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is the painting from my rough sketch, done in gouache partly because I’m looking for a more portable and quick drying medium than oils for convenience when travelling etc.

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