The Hidden Greenhouse (bottom of my garden!).

The Hidden Greenhouse (bottom of my garden!).

Thank you Team!

Three good posts today Gwynne, always like to see artists gardens, posted several of mine onto the site. Mine looks distinctly dessert like at present!

Just love this, Tessa, You've captured it so well...I'd love to walk down that path!

What a lovely garden, a smashing painting Tessa.

Enjoyed reading your piece Tessa, very informative. It’s beautifully painted, in fact three great postings.

Love the path leading to the greenhouse, great work Tessa.

Thank you all for your lovely comments, Stephen-I know what you mean- lots of gardens and landscapes looking a bit wasted at the mo! Thalia- thanks so much- that’s just the response I would hope for! Margaret and Carole-thanks again, and Fiona- glad you enjoyed the demo- both challenging and interesting to produce as writing as you paint makes you think in much more detail about what you are doing . 🙂

Love this, Tessa.

Thank you Seth. I was quite pleased with this one, often I’m not!

I absolutely love this, Tessa. It's SO believable and such a familiar scene. The things we can paint and draw never fail to amaze me. Great palette. Bri

Gosh thanks Bri! You’re right it’s all there on our doorstep. I love some of the “staring you in the eye” subjects on POL-the odd coffee cup, scissors, diana B’s sink etc! I’m still a bit nervous about painting anywhere with crowds but really you don’t have to- good subject matter is all around us!

Thank you Margaret.

Beautiful painting Tessa.

Thanks a lot Sandra.

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