I think you've captured their spirit really well by keeping it loose, Tessa. I know exactly what you mean about the leaves, so chunky and solid and roundish...I'm going to have to paint those in my yard again...!

I like this Tessa. It's loose, and more importantly, confidently painted. Excellent work.

I like it , Tessa.

Patience, detail and talent.

Thank you pals! Thalia, Lewis, Seth and Michael, always grateful when you take time to look.

Beautiful painting, Tessa, I like the colours and the foliage.

It looks super Tessa. I really enjoy painting flowers but not yet tried a geranium, you have captured this one so well.

Thank you Margaret- give it a go! I’m trying not to paint from photos where possible and while it’s a different challenge I think it’s so much more enjoyable.

And thank you Cesare.

I'm desperate for ideas at the moment Tessa, well done on choosing this arrangement.

Thanks Alan, inspiration-or lack of- is a strange one isn’t it. I’ve been trying to paint en plein air during the recent good weather and no problem there. This little geranium was about the only available thing in the garden in flower and a suitable size! Also I think your head is in a more positive place knowing what you intend to do on any day, thus the work is likely to be more successful.

Lovely loose brushwork, difficult to paint as I discovered last week but you’ve handled it well!

Thanks Teresa. Yes they sure are tricky!

Hang on Studio Wall

Short of ideas of what to paint at my class today I took along this pink geranium from my garden. I’ve tried to keep it fairly loose: not entirely happy with the actual flowers and don’t they have tricky leaves! Comments/advice welcome.

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