Spring....I hope .

Spring....I hope .

This reminds me of the book Henry Moore's Sheep Sketchbook. Well done Sylvia.

This is lovely Sylvia.

Smashing work. Yes, it looks as if spring has arrived or arriving, at last.

Posted by C Jones on Sun 15 Apr 07:08:35

Lovely, Sylvia.

I've got the same scenario next to me, bleating lambs all day long, I love it! Smashing work Sylvia, really cute.

Thank you Sylvia. Gorgeous and a hint of what is to come here. That vibrant green is what makes these next few months my favourite.

Aw very fitting for the day we had yesterday Sylvia. The lamb is a real cutie. T

Lovely comments I appreciate them thankyou. Spring has Sprung

It seems it is here at last, very cute little painting Sylvia. Gardening today, maybe a sketch or two.

Lovely depiction of spring Sylvia, hopefully we'll have some nice warm weather this week 😀

This caught my eye straight away, I had an inkling it was yours, Sylvia. It’s lovely.

Thankyou for looking Marjorie , Linda and Ellen...x

Great work and full of spring

Certainly captured the "wool " on the sheep. Really good.

A picture of blissful contentment Sylvia. Same as you and many others I expect I’m surrounded by new life at the moment....even watched a calf being born a few days ago from my kitchen window....it’s a wonderful time of year and this painting encapsulates it all.

Petra , Richard and Fiona. Thankyou. Yes Fiona it’s all around new life though I haven’t seen a swallow yet . I usually time them for April 9th. I’m sure they are avoiding us because of the crap weather . But you will get them even later

Super, love your squiggly wool curls!

That's so lovely Sylvia, such a cute painting. I hear the lambs here too.

The swallows have arrived. I've seen them swooping over the garden, checking out their usual spots, one of them being inside our "archway" ( old entrance through to back).

How lovely this is Sylvia :)

No Swallows here yet Sylvia. I’ve seen them fly by as early as April 9th but the ones that nest around the house are here about 24th-ish. Weather is crap here also, raining as I type...again! Depends on how many get shot as they fly from the north coast of Africa over to Europe too....b******s! Apologies....lol

The very essence of spring, lambs and daffodils, makes me smile.

Thank you Val I like the fact I have made you smile. Fiona I so agree about shooting , netting ,small birds in Europe. We used to holiday on Cyprus and Wednesdays and Sundays were the killing days . I used to stand on our wall and shout at the shooters ....i wasn't polite.

Good for you Sylvia, I wouldn’t be polite either.

I think you may be right, Sylvia...after all this little fellow must have done quite a spring to get to where he is on Mum's back! Oh for some sunshine...you know, that yellow stuff...

Hello Ruth thank you for your comment, yes we need more of the yellow stuff. Lovely to see you here.

We were talking of seeing the first swallow a few days ago.....spotted one flying around the house today.....spring maybe is around the corner......please!

Oh Fiona. You got them first it’s been back to wet and grey here today again...I keep scanning the skies.

Hang on Studio Wall

I might have posted these two before. But it’s been such a glorious day , all the new lambs opposite my kitchen window are having a lovely time . Then tiredness kicks in and mum is who they want. I photographed these two last year. A5 Watercolour and ink.

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