And a Bumptious Christmas to you.


I remember him well, horrendous but hilarious!

This cracks me up when I see it Sylvia, it’s brilliant! A very happy Christmas to you and a healthy and peaceful 2021.

This is brilliant Sylvia. Very Quentin Blake like. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you too.

Made me laugh too, super rear view of him riding the mountain road on a bumptious ride! Wishing you A Happy Christmas and New Year.

I jut love it Sylvia - well done!

Hilarious! Hope you have a lovely Xmas and a wonderful new year. It can't be as bad as this year, so the only way is up. Perhaps you will even get away on an art holiday!

Excellent Sylvia ! Best Wishes.

I've had a good laugh - well done Sylvia.

hahaa. Thank you Sylvia. Have a good Christmas, stay safe and all that and here is to a better 2021!!

Thank you everyone. Let’s “Bottoms up “ to a better New Year for all of us.

A familiar 'face'. Have a great Christmas and New Year.

Looks like he's getting a few chilblains. All the best Sylvia!x

This brought a smile to my face, have a wonderful Xmas Sylvia.

I remember him - very amusing! Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Could only be yours Sylvia! Happy Christmas to you too.

The funniest card I’ve seen this year and a brilliant title. I hope your Christmas is a good one Sylvia and that your New Year brings you happiness.

This brought a smile to my cheeks! Happy Christmas Sylvia 😊.

That reminds me of a bricklayer i know, wonder if they are related Sylvia, perhaps he was on holiday, who knows! Brilliant and thanks for sharing this one.

Good humour Sylvia. Best wishes for 2021.

Hang on Studio Wall

Sorry guys I have resurrected him again. This guy actually passed us at a huge rate of knots on a mountain road in Keffalinia . I actually sketched him as he disappeared over the hills and far away. I added the titfer at a later date, and the robin.

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