TSD Cornelis Zanen

TSD Cornelis Zanen

Thanks Sharon. I enjoy painting skies more than anything.

Steve this picture caught my eye in the gallery. I think you've painted the ship really well. I love ships and the atmosphere on this one is very surreal and eery. I really like it. I would like to apologise to you for not being able to respond earlier to you kind comment on my Sheikh Zayed Road painting. I have been wanting reply but shortly after posting the picture I have a major problem with my computer which had to go in for repair even though I had only purchased it 6 months ago. It was in repair for ages. Thank you again.

Hang on Studio Wall

12" x !2" oil on board: Study of dredger taken from photo in textbook with imaginary sky etc.

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Trained as a Surveyor so cursed with a background in technical drawing, something that I have striven to overcome with varying degrees of success. Attended drawing classes at an Art College and continued drawing for years before going on to watercolour and now oils. Favourite subjects are boats, theā€¦

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