'On the beach'

'On the beach'

The two figures and dog are very well captured Stephen

Thanks very much for the mention Stephen and it's a beauty the sky is lovely and the trio set it off beautifully ... now we will have to swap the birds and dogs on a weekly basis 😊 Thanks a lot for the comment on my latest just sold that with the other two panoramas to a lovely gallery they're also doing high end limited edition prints so happy days . You're quiet right about Captain Bligh , and an uncle of mine who was a captain in the British navy said that a great disservice was done to Bligh in depicting him as a brutish man ; he was a stickler for discipline as were most men in the navy and the army at the time were but he was also a top class seaman and engineer

Very nice painting Stephen

A good attempt as well Stephen, some nice figures. You may find thicker paper more suitable, this seems to be rather cockled and can spoil the effect, I only use 300lb weight although it can prove expensive.

Many thanks everyone for your very kind comments. Alan and Dermot make make these 'simple' compositions look easy butt they are anything but! One of the nice things with P.O.L. Is that we can pick up tips from the more experienced.

Many thanks Kirstie, also thanks for your lovely tree paintings which have also encouraged me to paint trees overcome the years.

Lovely painting! Re cockling or buckling, if you use thin paper, you need to stretch it by taping it to a board and sloshing water all over it first. when it is dry and tight as a drum, you can paint all over it without the slightest t cockle - Alive alive ohhh!

Thanks Linda, I just did this quickly in a cartridge paper sketchbook, didn't really Intnd posting it but ended up sending it in!

Love it Stephen,

Hang on Studio Wall

After viewing Dermot's lovely recent scenes. I thought I would have a quick go at a simple imaginary scene. I think it made me feel a little warmer,, thinking of summer!

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